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About us

Our hallmark is to grow sustainably, which means that chemical pesticides are banned, as is artificial fertilizer. In our nursery, we focus on edible perennials and useful plants. We have everything from vegetable plants and perennials to shrubs and trees and for sale. The farm shop sells surplus self-produced vegetables according to the season as well as honey, bird nests, wreaths and other fun.

The visitor garden

Visitor garden In our visitor garden you can see many of the plants we have in the nursery (and a lot of other things) as established mature specimens. The visitor garden mainly consists of three parts and has the same opening hours as the nursery and the farm shop. Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays 9-17.

The forest garden In the forest garden part, we mainly have edible perennials and useful plants. A forest garden is a garden with edible plants and useful plants that are grown in several layers as in a forest edge. Here you can find e.g. a pond, a barbecue area with benches where you can have coffee and lots of edible plants! Some examples are Real chestnut, Nashi pear, Kvitten, Medlar, silver bush, Hazelnuts, various grapes, lots of herbs etc.

The kitchen garden In the kitchen garden, we grow our annual crops. Here, too, we try to co-cultivate different vegetables to maximize the harvest on a small area and to confuse pests. There are also two greenhouses where we grow slightly more sensitive plants and drive on cuttings. Also there we have planted some perennials such as akebia a climbing plant that gets edible purple fruits and a gut perch tree that can be used for rubber production

Woodland / forest farming Here under a roof of mature forest trees, we grow our shade-loving and undergrowth plants. For example. butterfly vine (the berries of the five flavors), Chinese pepper tree, kiwi, cherry dogwood, paw paw and much more. There is also a pond and a shady barbecue area with benches where you can take a break on sunny days.

There is plenty of space to enjoy your own lunch bag. Guest toilet available. Paired dogs are welcome. Parking space for car, but not for bus.